Dear River is a song about a journey. It’s longing for the unfamiliar, where the journey itself becomes home.
Cover for Dear River

Cover for Dear River

After self-financing her first three albums, Emily Barker is now releasing her fourth album with Linn Records entitled Dear River. This is the third album she has produced alongside her band The Red Clay Halo. Dear River is the leading single and is the first taste of the album which is due to be released on the 8th of July.

My immediate impression of the single is that it is another confident and polished folk track that will most probably end up on my Itunes. I think Dear River is an excellent track - a beautiful blend of crisp and distinct vocals lead vocals matched with heart-warming harmonies. There’s no unnecessary flourishes, no overblown solos and it feels like every note played has a purpose.

The beauty of Emily’s lyrics in the song stem from her up-bringing in Australia and her move to the UK, yet they are relevant to anyone who has that lingering question of where home really is. Every word in the song feels like it’s coming from her heart and the lyrics feel intensely personal.

In her own words she describes what Dear River was inspired by ‘Dear River is a song about a journey. It’s longing for the unfamiliar, where the journey itself becomes home. However, the more I travel and experience, the more the river calls me back and I start longing for what I knew: those first landscapes, those first loves.’

There have been excellent reviews circling around this new single and her new album (for those reviewers that have had chance to listen to it before its release.)  

Vulture Hound Magazine comment on the album as a whole by saying ‘Dear River is an extremely enjoyable album to listen to, blending country, folk, and classic rock influences in a refreshing way.’

Judging by the reviews Dear River promises to be the best Emily Barker album yet.

The album Dear River is out on July 8th on standard CD, limited edition CD with bonus acoustic CD, heavyweight vinyl and special edition bundle. The title track is available as a download only single now.

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