(Above) Josh Taerk

(Above) Josh Taerk

Josh Taerk might just be the latest artist to add to your iTunes this summer. His heartfelt, poignant track Grace describes a sad story of losing a love you still long for.

Taerk manages to tell a sad, honest story through his lyrics but he matches this with a slightly more upbeat melody, creating a beautiful contrast.

The song begins with the story-telling lyrics ‘Grace you are my everything,/you’re the voice inside my head/ so it kills me every night/ that you’re in someone else’s bed.’ The melody is infectious, his vocals are flawless, an excellent track. 

Taerk himself explains the inspiration behind his new single ‘Grace was written based on an experience I had with a girl at school. This girl found out I liked her and would lead me on but then date other guys. The song is an allegory for the responsibility we all have when we deal with other people’s feelings… At the time it was hard to see what I was getting into especially because of the feelings I had for this person.'

'Looking back on it allowed me to see what was really going on and gave me the perspective I needed to write this song. The main character in the story loves this woman, yet the woman gives love to anyone willing to take it without considering the feelings of everyone involved, including her own.’

At 22, Taerk’s beautifully poignant song writing and captivating performances are mature beyond his years, having been compared to great modern troubadours and storytellers such as Bruce Springsteen and the Counting Crows.

The young Canadian has been all across the UK this summer promoting the release of his upcoming single Grace, which is due out the 2nd of September. Taerk’s upcoming October UK shows will be a chance to witness a hypnotically brilliant performance from a rising star that is destined for greatness.

With Taerk, you can be certain that there will be catchy hooks matched with upbeat instrumentations and a voice of an angel with a hint of Americana. I can already predict that Josh will be going places in music.

I hope to hear more diversity when he releases his album. I hope to also hear similar tracks to Grace because I really enjoyed listening to it over and over again.

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