Do What U Want

Do What U Want

Lady Gaga's released a new promotional single off of her upcoming album ARTPOP.

The song features R Kelly and after a strange tirade of ranting on her Twitter account, everything pieces together in the uplifting pop tune that hits back at critics.

"I dont need anybodys permission to be remembered. I will be. Whether they like it or not." she tweeted. Egotistical? Slightly - but absolutely true.

R Kelly's addition should shock those who at first opposed it, as his gentle but impressive male vocals blend perfectly with Gaga's melodic riffs and wails.

Where Applause may have lacked a bit of fun with its semi-monotonous chorus, this track doesn't hold back. We're returning to the days of Poker Face with this one - but dare we say that this tune's better? Listen and judge for yourself.

ARTPOP is released November 11 via Interscope.

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