Natasha Miller  Chris Howarth A.K.A OneGirlOneBoy

Natasha Miller Chris Howarth A.K.A OneGirlOneBoy

A duo from Nottingham consisting of Natasha Miller and Chris Howarth, also known as OneGirlOneBoy declare on their bio that they do not write songs about love, but of the accompanying emotions such as jealousy, suspicion or seduction.

Wasted and Dirty town are both fantastic tracks with depth and compelling tones. There is an air of mystique to their sound and they definitely have a lot of potential to be a successful band.

Wasted is the first single and straight away we hear the mesmeric and passion behind the voice of Natasha Miller. Her voice is unique and seductive and instantly draws you into the song. The track offers a repetitive melody of keys and guitars as the pace quickens into a catchy chorus with memorable lyrics.

The second song Dirty Town immediately takes the ear with its sultry rhythms. Like its companion the song has an energetic pace and intricate melodies with drums forming with powerful emotive vocals.

Both of the songs show the depth and strength behind the duo’s song writing and the band has definitely been an exciting find. They stand outside of the line with their music and write about the daring emotions that a lot of bands tend to stay away from.

Moody, entrancing and charming – OneGirlOneBoy are destined for a great career in music. I predict that they will become very well-known in the Indie-Rock music charts when their full EP gets released this upcoming Monday.

EP out on the 24th of June 2013.


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