Single Cover for Memorium

Single Cover for Memorium

Described as psychedelic sci-fi pop their music is a mixture of electronic, dance and psychedelic pop. The band is releasing their third full length album titled Uncanny Valley on the 22nd of July via Record Makers.   

Lifted from their album Uncanny Valley is the single Memorium, which is a majestic tune that is intriguingly different from anything I’ve heard for a while. Frontman Vince Vendetta draws you in with his brooding and slightly seductive vocals. The track has percussive synths, xylophonic beats and echoic harmonies, it is definitely a unique piece of music.

By fusing 70s sounds with modern electronic elements, the Juggernauts’ sound is unique and imaginative. It is not something that I usually listen to but I find the track to be relaxing to listen to and I hope to discover more of their tracks when their album is released next month. 

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