This is the opening ceremony for me – these are the most confident songs I've written.
Album Cover For Sarah Miles' Upcoming Album

Album Cover For Sarah Miles' Upcoming Album

It is very rare to find an artist that not only has a special voice but outstanding song writing ability too. I believe that Sarah Miles has the talent and drive to become a successful songbird like Joni Mitchell, Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles.

Her raw and poignant lyrics matched with a likeable tone and catchy hooks means that she is definitely an exciting artist to discover.   

Growing up in Princeton, New Jersey Sarah was the youngest child to ever to be admitted to NJ’s prestigious Westminster Conservatory Children's Choir. She was a member of various a cappella groups, where she toured Sweden, Newfoundland, and Toronto, and performed at The White House and on the Today Show.

After studying at University, she moved to New York to pursue music fulltime. As a solo artist, her music has been featured on The Voice, and she has also toured with many acclaimed singer-songwriters.

On July 16th Sarah Miles is releasing her first début album titled One. As well as working on her début album she has also co-wrote with esteemed singer-songwriters such as Kenny Rogers, Ronnie Dunn and Tim McGraw.

Miles talks about the journey she has made making her first album she said that ‘It has been a three year journey, I went through love, heartbreak, moved to New York City, went on the road, and explored collaborating with other songwriters. I’ve grown so much as a person and an artist. This is the opening ceremony for me – these are the most confident songs I’ve written.’

The first single I listened too was titled Stand Up; this breezy track has an emboldening message about following your dreams. With sun-kissed vocals and a Taylor-Swift-Like-Guitar-Melody this is the perfect uplifting pop track with a dash of folk and country roots. The intro sounds extremely similar to Taylor Swift’s song 22 but when the melody kicks in that comparison soon vanishes.

The other single is called Take the Lead, another guitar infused track with a ballad like quality this refreshing track is a beautiful blend of Sarah’s angelic voice and an idyllic male harmony that belongs to singer-songwriter Matt Duke. Within the lyrics there are some beautiful phrases, a very promising song indeed – the definition of acoustic perfection.   

Sarah Miles has gorgeous flowing dynamics as a singer, her song writing is empowering, authentic, and stylistically it touches upon several genres including folk, pop, and country.

These two singles are an infectious blend of accessible song craft and bold emotional sincerity. This artist has been an exciting new discovery and I can’t wait to hear her album.

To me her sound is a mixture or Taylor Swift, Sarah Bareilles and Britt Nicole all rolled into one. She has definitely earned her place on my Itunes.

Her new album One is out July 16th 2013. 

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