EP Cover 'Nothing'

EP Cover 'Nothing'

The leading single I will be reviewing is entitled Nothing, it definitely has an extremely catchy chorus with the memorable lyrics like ‘I ain’t got nothing if I ain’t got you. My heart will always belong to you.There must be something that I can do’.

The song is unlike anything you will hear on the radio, the song is definitely unique with a mist of unusual beats overshadowing the vocals. It isn’t really my type of music at all, you can’t call it pop because it isn’t generic enough for that so I’m not sure what genre this song fits into.

The song is a little bleak and lacks the character that I like to be present in my choice of music. I think the artist has worked too hard to stand out and produce something different. He has a lot of potential as a pop artist but not with this song.

Frank offers up a different style of production with an electronic feel to the song Nothing but I actually prefer his other track titled If You Love Her, which is also on the EP.

Of course this is only my opinion and there have been many positive vibes surrounding this track including Alfitude calling it ‘Dark and epic and gorgeous’ and Who’s Jack calling it ‘An electronic masterpiece.’

I Am Music TV is right when they say that the song is ‘Completely different to anything the music industry is offering right now.’

It is just personal taste but the song just didn’t click with me, this is nothing against the artist because I really like his voice but I don’t think it really suits the tracks he is putting it against.

It’s a very subtle song, I guess you could say that it is like coffee without cream or sugar, you have to have a taste for it.

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