Single Cover CakeWalk

Single Cover CakeWalk

If you are looking for an infectious party track to dance to this summer then Tankus the Henge’s new single Cakewalk is the song for you.

The song is a teasing escapade through numerous different sounds. It is one of those simple and honest treats that is guaranteed to light up your day.

From the opening snap of drums to the fiery fanfare of trumpets, the song leaps and frolics around the ear with the energy of a playground or a colour drenched circus. It is an irresistible track, with light vocals dancing over a simple melody. 

Lyrically the song is bursting with funny idioms ‘Cakewalk, Cakewalk I met the Dalai Lama on a cakewalk/ straight talk his hand is on my shoulder/ so I turned around turned around/ and looked into his eyes and saw the world.’

The lyrics are almost a stream of consciousness in a way. But it somehow fits to the tune perfectly. As the track fades with the line ‘The sun keeps moving on’ repeating you can almost imagine thousands of people at a festival dancing.

Their new track is available to download now. 

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