Single Cover 'Don't Trip'

Single Cover 'Don't Trip'

You probably haven’t heard of Max Marshall before, neither had I but you’ve definitely seen her work. The Baltimore-born London girl has been creating wigs for Lady Gaga and working with Charlie Le Mindu for years. She now tries to crack the music industry.

But Max is no newcomer to music; her childhood was immersed in it. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist and former orchestra member as a student, Max has been writing songs from the age of fourteen.

While her mother, a teacher, taught the likes of Tupac Shakur and Jada Pinkett Smith and played the likes of Donny Hathaway and Etta James at home, her father owned a tour bus that was frequently borrowed by bands. Max knew that the stage was where she belonged.

Max Marshall has a voice you may have heard and a name you’re soon to know following the debut single Don’t Trip, out on the 26th August.

The Don’t Trip video is a mix of close-ups and portrait images of Max, in shots of grainy VHS which creates a nostalgic old-school home movie feel. The song itself is a sublimely cool piece of old-school R&B.

With a layer of twinkling beats and a seamless blend of soulful and sultry tones this song gives you a taste of what is to come from the exceptionally talented Max Marshall.

Throughout the track Marshall delivers low-pitched, translucent vocals matched with an infectious chorus, Don’t Trip shows promising potential for her future releases.

Max Marshall’s single ‘Don’t Trip’ will be released on 26th August via Fudge Records

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