Album Cover 'Right Place Right Time.'

Album Cover 'Right Place Right Time.'

We always remember that Olly finished second to Joe McElderry on X Factor back in 2009. However, it appears that the runners up always have more success than the actual winners. 

Olly has had a great couple of years musically and the brand new single shows that he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  His third solo album, titled the same as the latest single has had excellent success. Digital Spy's Lewis Corner commented on his latest album by saying ‘It may not be a big departure from his previous efforts, but when you're on to a good thing, why change the pace?’

The single Right Place Right Time has been stuck in my head for a while now so I wanted to write up a review. The catchy chorus belts out lyrics ‘So this is what it feels like/ Be in the right place the right time/ I’m bringing of a delight/ Hoping we can make this a long night/ This is why we came yeah I can feel it in my veins / So this is what it feels like/ Right place the right time.’

Right Place Right Time is bouncy and fun, exactly what a great pop song should be. There might be little depth to the meaning of the song but Murs shows us everything he has. His cheeky grin combined with his gorgeous vocals and ability to make infectiously happy songs great makes Olly Murs the perfect pop star.  

His new single is definitely likeable but I think there is more to come from Murs. If not I’m sure he achieved the perfect pop career that he always dreamed of. His music sells and although his songs appear generic on the surface, they are actually decent and fun to sing along too.

Right There Right Time is available on iTunes. 


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