From the opening whistles and attitude-laced vocals of 'Lay Me Down', you can tell Pixie Lott is once again on to a winner with a song fit to become a summer smash.

An infectious chorus where the title is repeatedly chanted will be embedded in your brain after first listen - this is a standard and traditional pop hit that manages to stand out from the rest.

The growth in Pixie's voice is clear to see - she still has that recognisable inflection to her tone but it's a lot more honed in on and crafted now, in the best ways possible.

Crooning about the "hole in my heart" and the lack of "love to be found", Pixie explores the tale of someone who's fed up of trying to fight their way to a relationship with possible unrequited love, and a person in need of some mutual commitment.

So whilst being upbeat, it does manage to maintain a 'plot' and sense of being something more than just another fun song.

Pixie Lott's 'Lay Me Down' is out Monday, July 28.

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