'Show Me Love (America)'

'Show Me Love (America)'

The Wanted have officially released their single 'Show Me Love (America)', after a stunning rendition of the song on last night's 'X Factor'.

The song is quite simply the band's best.

It gives each and every member of the band the chance to shine with their impressive vocals, and the lyrics are emotional and relatable.

If 'Walks Like Rihanna' was just a bit of fun, 'Show Me Love (America)' is the track that proves just that. While WLR did well on the radio, this latest offering proves they can be a serious boy(?)band with a lot to give.

The Wanted should not be overshadowed by their fellow boybands in the industry, because by these standards, they may even be inching ahead.

'Show Me Love (America)' is out now, available to download on iTunes.

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