Proper, raw, gruelling femme-rock.
The Band

The Band

Valentiine consists of Vanessa on guitar and vocals, Erica on bass and vocals and Shelly on drums and vocals. Their music has a beauty under the dark exterior, the melodies are simple and the vocals are edgy. This trio definitely has passion for Rock as they dress in ripped dirty jeans and dark eye shadow to match the image. The band have just released two new singles off their upcoming album, the dark hangover themed track Chucky and the mood burning track Beauty Lies. 

Valentiine’s sound can only be described as a reincarnation of heavy 90’s rock with a dark and edgy twist. Their current single Love Like has been widely popular since its release and was featured on the Radio 1 Phil & Alice show last week and is currently number one in the Amazing Radio chart.

Chucky is powered by dirty electric guitar riffs and drowning vocals with cheerleader-like harmonies. It is three minutes long and has graphical lyrics such as ‘I feel like God on the bathroom floor/ please don’t touch me I will be sick in your face/ Go easy I am queasy.’ It is the perfect song to describe a hangover and Ruth Barnes from Amazing Radio/ Other Woman Blog called the song ‘Awesome. Disgusting. I love it!’ Musicosis also said that the song is ‘Something different, something special.’

Beauty Lies is the complete opposite of Chucky, starting out with a sombre guitar melody and haunting vocal the song then kicks in to an infectious guitar and drum combination. The lyrics also differ from the other track. The track is predominantly instrumental and has a few lyrics including a repetition of the lines ‘All the beauty is dead.’

Their music has been buzzing around Melbourne since late last year and was called ‘Proper, raw, gruelling femme-rock’ by Beat Magazine. They have supported well known bands and took part in numerous of festivals.

The Australian band has definite potential and reminds me of the American Rock band Paramore. Also, the vocalist has similar raspy qualities as Taylor Momsen, the lead singer of the Alternative Rock band The Pretty Reckless.

Their new album comes out on the 1st of July and they will be touring all over the country including Birmingham – Asylum 2 (June 20th), Manchester Dry Bar (June 21st) and Leicester – Lock 42 (June 22nd.

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