Max George & Tom Parker backstage / Credit: Twitter @thewanted

It was always going to be an emotional night for The Wanted and the 'Fanmily'.

Following the news that they'll be parting ways after this tour of the UK, USA and Canada, fans were distraught and realised that this could be their last opportunity to see the five guys performing live together.

Hitting Manchester - Tom Parker and Max George's hometown - the show went off without a hitch and was perfectly timed, with no delays that are so often rife with big name acts.

The support - Elyar Fox and The Vamps - got the heavily-inundated teenage girl crowd screaming at a pitch close to that of a dog whistle, and although the solo singer and band didn't hit all the right notes when taking to the stage, they certainly did the trick in getting the audience excited for the main event.

Then came Tom, Max, Jay, Siva and Nathan, opening with their track 'Gold Forever' and causing the tears to flow freely from the emotional superfans instantly.

Two intervals at around three to five minutes each saw a highlights reel shown on the big screens, where the band had chosen their favourite moments from their career including their first USA TV performance on Ellen, meeting stars such as Rihanna for Wanted Wednesdays and their first ever tour amongst many others, and they didn't hold back in thanking the fans for everything they've helped them achieve. It was a winning formula.

What is true about The Wanted is that they really are a band. Nathan sounds at his best when he's sat behind a piano and the guitars come out for other members of the group from time to time.

It was an emotional night for the band / Credit: Twitter @mollyalice_

Showing off their range with a mixture of new and old material, upbeat tracks and slow ballads, each member ended the show giving their thanks to various people that have been there for them and helped them gain the level of success they've seen today.

However, it was when Max thanked his family and friends - who all sat just metres away in the crowd - that things took a sombre turn. His eyes filled with tears and he couldn't say much, and as the group returned to the stage for an encore of arguably their two biggest hits: 'All Time Low' and 'Glad You Came', each member looked glossy eyed and tearful, grateful and reminiscent.

The group took a final bow / Credit: Twitter @mollyalice_

They left to rapturous applause. Fans hugged one another, hoping for just a slither of comfort. It was a night to remember for all the right reasons, but that didn't take away the hurt completely. I hope they're not gone for too long.

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