Amina Bryant

Amina Bryant

Having received stellar specialist radio support over the past year from BBC Radio 1Xtra (including playlist for debut single 'Jimmy'), R&B singer/songwriter Amina Bryant is set to deliver her debut EP in 2013, titled 'Black Cinderella'.

She starts the release package off with 'On My Own'. "I've put out lots of single tracks and I think it was time to put out a body of work for the
fans and this E.P just grew into that. "On My Own" was the first track me and WhiZz K!D made which inspired the E.P."

South London born Amina Bryant has been writing and recording from a young age, coming from a musical family of Jamaican origin, her influences stretch from Motown and Reggae to R&B and Pop.

"I grew up in Brixton, it's a melting pot of cultures so you draw influences from everywhere, my brothers were listening to jungle, hip hop and bashment,
my parents were listening to reggae and soul, while my sister was listening to R&B, so I took all those influences in."

Of first single 'On My Own' Amina says; 'The song centres around making the tough decision to leave the guy your with, not for someone else but to be 'On Your Own'.

Unlike previous songs this one is slightly confessional and suggests fault on the female side "And if you keep forgiving me, I let you down eventually"...'

After making a name for herself releasing singles the motown-inspired 'Jimmy' feat Jim Jones, the dark 'Losing My Faith' and Summer dancehall sizzler 'Why You Do That?' over the past 18 months, and playing a string of intimate acoustic sets to her growing fanbase,,

Amina is excited to share another side to her eclectic sound.