Cradle Of Filth

Cradle Of Filth

Cradle Of Filth have taken aim at the "selfish and stupid" fan who prompted them to cut short their set at Saturday's Bloodstock Open Air festival in England.

The band left the stage after guitarist Paul Allender was hit by an object thrown from the crowd. The group has now revealed the object was a hard candy and Allender was hospitalised as a result.

The group has released a statement apologising to fans for walking off - attacking the festival goer who threw the candy. The missive reads, "This person threw what were being sold at the site as 'gobstoppers,' but which were actually heavy, solid, pieces of candy, approximately the size of a cricket ball and weighing close to a pound, at the band.

"Approximately six of these were thrown, one narrowly missed hitting (keyboard player) Ashley (Ellyllon) in the face and also a terminally ill young fan in a wheelchair sitting side of the stage, a couple just missed (singer) Dani (Filth) and then one hit Paul in the spine, causing him to collapse.

"The paramedics called an ambulance and Paul was taken to hospital with suspected spinal damage. He was subjected to numerous tests before the doctors said they didn’t think Paul had sustained any lasting damage.

"This act of stupidity caused the show to finish prior to the encore, caused Paul serious pain and everyone else a lot of anxiety. This person is lucky that no one was seriously injured or worse, which could easily have been the case and a serious police matter.

"Why does someone buy a ticket for a festival, where everyone should be enjoying the weekend and having a good time, and then have to ruin it for other people? A very selfish, sad person, one can only imagine."