One of the UK’s most exciting, vibrant and vital bands, Brighton’s Architects are back, and all set to release the brand new album ‘Daybreaker’ on May 28th through Centruy Media.

Below, Guitarist Tom Searle talks through the album, track by track, talking about song meanings, ideas behind the song writing process, guest appearances and more:

- The Bitter End

‘Whilst writing I felt really inspired by movie soundtracks, especially those by Hans Zimmer. We've never opened a record like this before and I'm really proud of it! Lyrically it's about us pushing the earth to the brink. ‘

- Alpha Omega

‘This song captures everything that we're good at. It's technical, heavy and melodic all at once. I suppose it kind of 'defines' our sound. Its about religion, which is something we've never talked about.

I see people saying that they don't understand how atheists can have any sense of morality. I think that's disgraceful. People shouldn't need absurd and implausible threats to make them treat other people decently.’

- These Colours Don't Run

‘Definitely one of the heaviest tracks on the record. In broad terms the lyrics touch on American politics, corruption, patriotism, drug abuse, Money, War. We've basically opened a can of worms with this one! Our good friend Jon Green, from Deez Nuts, contributed some vocals to the end of this track.

He's a very like minded individual to us and transformed the end from ONE of the heaviest things we've ever done, to THE heaviest thing we've ever written.’

- Daybreak

‘Another track that captures a bit of everything we do. Probably would have fit quite comfortably on 'Hollow Crown'. Excited to play this one live, it's got a good groove to it. The title relates to the title of the record of course. It's about waking up, moving forward and changing.’

- Truth, Be Told

‘One of the more melodic tracks on the track. It definitely pushed our boundaries and our ability as a band. Its another track that was really influenced by the soundtracks I was listening to.

Lyrically its about our relationship with media. In the western world we all spend far too much time staring at computers, phones, television etc. All the time we're doing that we're absorbing information and the critical thing is how we process that information.’

- Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat

‘We're all bound by the need for money. At the end of the day we're all animals, our purpose in life isn't to spend it in servitude from 9 till 5 so that we can have shelter and eat. It's a system that has been put in place to expand the riches of the elite and not to serve the people.

Thats what this song is about. We had Oli from Bring Me The Horizon come down and do some vocals on this too. We've been friends with those guys since both our bands were really young so it was great to finally have him sing with us.’

- Outsider Heart

‘Drew from Stray From The Path sings on this song, he’s a great vocalist. It's about trying to understand how we fit in to the system we live in, as people who are doing something creative.

We would do this forever but the sad truth is that one day we'll probably have to give it up, in order to survive financially. It’s one of the heaviest tracks for sure. Fast, technical and heavy! ’ - Behind The Throne

‘We’ve never done a track like this. There isn't even any guitar on it! It was exciting to do something completely different. We had actually decided that the track was going to be a B-side until Sam had done his vocals on it, then we felt we had to include it on the record. I'm not sure how to describe it, you'll just have to listen to it and make your own mind up. ‘

- Devil's Island

‘Everyone knows this one. We just decided the song was too strong not to be included on a record. I didn't want people to forget about it. It’s obviously inspired by the London riots.’

- Feather Of Lead

‘One of the more straightforward tracks but it's loads of fun to play, should be good live. It's about the conflicting ideologies of the capitalist-conservative-christian. The more I think about it the more my head hurts.’

- Unbeliever

‘This song has a more positive message than any of the other songs on the record. It's easy to get wound up and angered by the ignorance that you see and hear everywhere.

But anger, violence and aggression are not going to solve anything. If we rid ourselves of all the things that divide us and came to together for the common good of everyone, then the world would surely, unquestionably, be a better place. This had to close the record.’

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