Canterbury, one of the most beloved UK bands are set to release their sophomore album Heavy In The Day via Sweet Lime Records on 9th July 2012.

The album, recorded in Devon with Peter Miles (Futures, We Are The Ocean) at the Producers helm, is something very special indeed. Storytelling lyrics, both light and dark weave their way throughout the album, massive chorus’ and countless epic moments result in a huge sounding record.

"We are so excited to announce the release of our second album 'Heavy In The Day'. The album took a while to complete but we've come away with something we are so proud of.

"We definitely pushed ourselves more than ever on this record to make some of our most interesting and different material, we've all grown up alot and we think that comes out in the music and especially the lyrics, the songs are more personal this time round but are still about things every single person out there can relate to.

"The melodies are catchier, harmonies are sweeter and the heavy is heavier." says the band.

Canterbury’s first record ‘Thank You’ was given away for free upon release and to date has received over 40,000 downloads- something any team would be proud of, yet Canterbury were not part of any big plan, they chose to do this alone. Their ideas, their money, their way.  Something the band wishes to carry through to this album.

"After seeing how well received our debut was, and still is received, we can take confidence in the fact that in this day and age, in this modern musical climate, there is barely a reason why it is not possible to control, and release your own music, off your own back.

"For that reason we take real pride in the fact there is nobody, and no thing, standing in between our music, and our fans. It's a very exciting time for music, and especially home grown British music, and we feel privileged to be in the position where we can release this new album to the world ourselves."