Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra

Columbia Records and Favorite Gentlemen Recordings are extremely excited to announce the release of Manchester Orchestra’s third record on May 9th.  Entitled, Simple Math, it comes on the heels of 2009’s acclaimed Mean Everything to Nothing.

Simple Math is a concept record. From this platform, some bands might dive into the world of fantasy; front man Andy Hull instead presents his own reality, holding back nothing. It’s a story about a 23-year old who questions everything from marriage to love to religion to sex. It’s chock full of monster riffs, vigorous string arrangements, deep hooks and has miles of melodies that encase a compelling coming-of-age story told in the first person, intimately written and sung by Hull.

“This record is two duelling conversations between me and my wife, and me and my God,” says Hull. “Sometimes even for myself, it’s difficult to decipher which one I’m actually talking to. Everything I’ve written in the past has been about those things. This album is the most realized form of my questioning.”

Manchester Orchestra was formed in 2004 when Hull was 16. The band includes lifelong friends Jonathan Corley on bass, keyboardist Chris Freeman, guitarist Robert McDowell and drummer Tim Very.

Not even near drinking age, Manchester Orchestra left the comforts of their suburban childhood in 2005, put over 200 shows under their belt and started to build the ever-growing and rabid fan base that follows them to this day. In 2007, their explosive first record, I’m Like a Virgin Losing A Child, quickly became a critical favourite as they toured the country many times over.

As a result, Mean Everything to Nothing, released early in 2009, was highly anticipated, but the band was not phased and made one of the best records of that year. Soon after its release, Absolute Punk hailed: “Quick note to the rest of the albums coming out this year: The bar has just been set.”