Zico Chain

Zico Chain

The Devil In Your Heart is a high five to the inconsolable in all of us, a celebration of triumph and relief, born through the eyes and ears of three musicians who had to go there to come back.

The Devil In Your Heart is the fist pumping new album from London alt-rockers, Zico Chain set for release on 2nd April 2012.

"As soon as I screamed those lyrics, I knew right then that I had the album title," says vocalist and bassist Chris Glithero. "It encompassed every feeling I’d had during the making of this record".

"The title sounds like a negative," adds drummer Oli Middleton, "but this album is about wisdom, and it’s relentlessly optimistic".

The Devil In Your Heart is a self produced labour of love. Having given up everything to pursue the unknown, the band bedded down in various derelict buildings around the UK and began recording.

"We never went near a studio. We were sat in an empty house in winter, with ants everywhere and no heating, but our amps were still buzzing and we were talking about how we could find a way to record an orchestra" adds Chris.

The band realised every seemingly impossible ambition and went on to work with award-winning string arranger Audrey Riley, whose impressive resume includes collaborations with rock giants such as Muse and Foo Fighters.

The result is a self-made and self-funded lap of honour, an achievement of truly epic proportions. Armed with their hard earned formidable live reputation and their relentless DIY ethics, it’s almost impossible to imagine ZICO CHAIN not climbing to the greatest heights and beyond in 2012.

The Devil In Your Heart track listing is as follows:
2)The Real Life
3)New Romantic
4)Mercury Gift
5) A Thousand Splendid Suns
6)Our Evil
7) Case# 44Pq_110807
8)Black Turns White
9) Perfect High
10) More Than Life
11) I Am The Silence