BLAKMAGIKSOCIETY, also known as BMS, release their debut double A-side single ‘Our Time’ (Keep It Heavy) and ‘K.T.R’ (Kill the Rich) on W.A.R Records in July.

Both tracks were recorded, produced and mixed by BLAKMAGIKSOCIETY using just Garage Band and a bathroom - the aim was to get it stripped all the way back to D.I.Y.

Once down they were sent off for some mastery by Colin Emmanuel, whose track record has included The Beta Band’s "Hot Shots II" amongst many, many more.

The result? A layered harmony pistol popping classic with a driving underbelly guaranteed to stir the foundations. Scotch on the rocks meets Spaghetti Western. Both tracks are taken from the upcoming debut album entitled "U.A.T.W.M.F" or "Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers" which will see release in the summer of 2012.

'BMS are making some of the most twisted grooves out there. Check them out and have a drug, alcohol and scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll induced black-out.' Tony O’Neill

BLAKMAGIKSOCIETY are devised of the mercurial song writing talents of Gil De Ray and D.A Towler, the two have been co-conspirators for many years whilst also working and releasing material for their own separate music projects; Gil with his solo project Cody High School ‘Baddest Fastest’ and The Purple Om Eaters ‘Lysergic Bubblegum’ and D.A Towler with High Priests ‘Self Prescribed Medication’.

There was a certain inevitability that one day the two would get together and make something magikal. Gil De Ray explains 'We both wanted to make music that would encapsulate all the things we love.

'We wanted to make one of those albums that has the ability to make you wanna dance and then make you wanna lie down and cry. And we succeeded.'

With a shared love of 60’s garage, psych, rock n roll and hip hop, the musical template for what they were about to create was already in place. Balanced against their other shared inspiration of literature and the writings of  such greats as Crowley, Rimbaud through to Fante and Bukowski, the philosophy and attitude of what was to become BLAKMAGIKSOCIETY was written in the stars.

'BMS got on stage and people swarmed 'round. A trio with guitars, percussion and an iPhone kept up the beat. 

'Instantly heating up the air with a mix of Soul Punk, Psychedelic Garage tunes and a couple of rather romantic Doo-Wop chants.'