Born Blonde

Born Blonde

London 5-piece Born Blonde will release a brand new single ‘I Just Wanna Be’ on July 16th via Moriarty The Cat Records.

Following the critically acclaimed ‘Solar’ and ‘Radio Bliss’ singles last year, ‘I Just Wanna Be’ is an absorbing space-rock anthem, where shimmering soundscapes meet disorientating histrionics. A blissful taste of what’s to come from their debut album set for release later this year.

Instantly engaging, with lyrical depth, the track features the bands trademark sub bass organ pedals, taking in their rich influences of 60s psychedelia, late 80s and early 90s shoegaze, channelled through a progressive 21st century outlook.

Lyrically, the track is one of the most introspective for singer Arthur Delaney, who says: 'The best songs are written in a sort of meditation, like you're running on a different neurone path in your head somewhere between speaking and dreaming.  I was in those channels for this one.'

To use the word 'epic' would be both a cliché, and an understatement. There isn't a screen silver enough for the shimmering Born Blonde sound. Theirs is a soundscape of spectral beauty and crystaline structures, and one that answers the question of what would happen if the shoegazers had looked up once in a while and remembered what it was like to enjoy themselves.

With clear vision and endless creativity, Born Blonde have confidently forged their own identity and have developed an immersive live show which is as captivating as their recorded material.                                                               

‘I Just Wanna Be’ will be available on July 16th as a digital download via iTunes, Bandcamp and also on CD with new b-side track ‘Dreamland’, a Desert Mix and Extended version.