Mind Museum

Mind Museum

Bristol-based trio ‘Mind Museum’ have been impressing audiences throughout the length and breadth of the UK with their heady mix of hooky but thought provoking songs and earnest drive and passion.

With two critically acclaimed EPs already under their belts, a hatful of shows with the likes of Young Guns, Twin Atlantic, The Royal Republic, and The King Blues, and their previous video ‘Rat Race’ securing widespread TV airplay with Kerrang! TV, the band are releasing a new video single, ‘Lie To Me’, which is out now and available through all digital outlets.

The song is a powerful slab of emotive alt-rock, full of the band’s trademark melody, power, and Justin Percival’s outstanding voice. The band, completed by Will Slater on guitar and drummer Chas Bacon, make a hell of an accomplished noise for a three piece - with Lie To Me topping it off as the crowning glory of a solo!

Straight from the mouth of the songwriter, Will, "Lie To Me is all about perception and realisation. It’s about how other people perceive you, versus the reality of who you really are.

"But ultimately, it’s about how we perceive ourselves. The lies we tell ourselves, and then the dawning realisation that the hopes and dreams you spent your life trying to achieve aren’t going to come true. The frustration and angst is expressed in the music."

The video for the single - which you can check out here - has been directed by photographer Paul Broome (broomephoto.com), who has been working with the band since their inception. The video picks up on the schizophrenic content of the song - the idea of a double life between our perceived selves and real selves.

This is perfectly expressed in the flickering costume changes, the voyeuristic camera angles, and the surreal dreamlike colour palette of the video.