Philadelphia Grand Jury

Philadelphia Grand Jury

Wow, we are good to you… not only have we found a marvellous new band for your to feast those cute little ears of your on, but we‘re even going to provide you with a copy of their new single, Going To The Casino (Tomorrow Night), absoloutley free!

Two childhood friends, Berkfinger and MC Bad Genius, add some 20 years and one observes a strange, tedious and sometimes very complicated relationship that always manages to somehow end up in a smart and ruff pop song.

Berkfinger hadn't seen Bad Genius for going on 6 years when one day last year the curious bearded fellow just strolled into one of his solo shows with a bass and plugged himself right back into the singer's life.  From there, these two childhood buddies - and a rotating ensemble of drummers - have been writing, recording and touring their own indie punk soul hits around the country and winning fans everywhere they go.

2009 was a busy year for The Philly Jays. Yet even amidst relentless touring they managed to squeeze out a self-produced, self-engineered and self-released hit EP on their own label called Normal People Making Hits, which remained in the top 10 of the independent charts for months after its Australian release.  Similarly on the release their debut album ‘Hope Is For Hopers’, which went to number 1 on the charts.  They were also handpicked by Kasabian & Franz Ferdinand to support them and became on of the most played artists on Australian radio.

Live is where the band really capture their audience. They don’t need a good PA, a crowd of their own or even a drummer of their own to turn every head by the end of their action packed, show-stealing set. Drum Media even cited them as "a band you must see before you die" .

Going To The Casino (Tomorrow Night) is a fantastic example of their rock n roll assault, which The Philly Jay’s will be giving away to anyone who wants it! To get your hands on one, but click the link below;

Philadelphia Grand Jury - Going To The Casino - Free Download