St. Spirit

St. Spirit

‘Road At The Rise’ is new single from South London post-rock band St. Spirit. Available as a free download from the bands’ website on 23rd July, ‘Road At The Rise’ is a soaring and ambitious track, built around an epic chorus, forming the missing link between shoegaze’s glacial guitars and post-rock’s grandiose heights.  

‘Road At The Rise’ follows the release of their debut EP ‘Pigeon’ and was rewritten and recorded several times before the final track was decided. St. Spirit have seen a few line-up changes since their inception and singer/guitarist Myles McCabe says:

"It’s the first track recorded as the full current band, which is still pretty new. The track has kind of developed and been cut up and switched and added to along the way so it pretty much reflects the story of St. Spirit so far."  

Lyrically, ‘Road At The Rise’ is possibly the most considered track St. Spirit have released so far, as Myles explains:

"The song is about how people can make decisions based on personal doctrines and ideologies rather than logical process. Especially with regard to religion, tradition and patriotism - in particular the aspects of these that tend to inspire spite."  

The band will play their single launch party on 24th July at Surya, Kings Cross, N1 9JL.