Shades of Jade

Shades of Jade

Shades of Jade, the most talked about soul rockers from London, are giving away ‘Her Soul’, the title track from their debut EP, which was released on Valentines Day. 

The indie soul songsters are preparing for a busy summer indeed, with a vast amount of gigs lined up, so make sure you catch them live.

If you’re looking for a vocalist to sweep you off your feet, from the same calibre as Florence and the Machine and Skunk Anansie, then Jade Barnett, the gorgeous front woman, or should I say lady, of this exciting new soul experience is who you’ve been waiting for. 

Shades of Jade is the result of the long time creative partnership by vocalist Jade Barnett and guitarist/composer Mat Jones. Jade and Mat met at University of Westminster where they both studied an undergraduate degree in music.

It wasn’t until their second year of college, that they actually crossed paths when they were placed in the same group for their performance module. 

It was apparent from the beginning that the two had a knack for coming up with great vocal lines and strong rhythm and harmony to support. They continued working together till the end of their degree as the partnership proved to be successful.

After Westminster, Jade took time off to go travelling while Mat continued his music education at postgraduate level at Goldsmiths. It wasn’t until 2010 when they picked up where they left off with a lot of work to do!

It was agreed that a clear direction was needed to ensure the correct sound to compliment Jade’s impressive vocal skills and to also show the real, raw character to the songs.

By combining Jade’s background in Soul and Jazz and Mat’s upbringing on the electric guitar the new soundscape of Soul Rock had emerged.