Halloween could be coming as much of a tradition in the UK as it is in America, with many Brits getting as involved as they possibly can with the holiday.

Halloween is fast approaching

Halloween is fast approaching

Mintel have published new research whcih shows retail sales of Halloween-related products reached a whopping £230 million in 2013, and will grow to around £240 million this year.

More than two-fifths (43%) of all Brits joined in the festivities last year, spending on products or services for the occasion, and younger shoppers are the most enthusiastic.

British parents are seen as most likely to have a fright as three out of five bought products or services for Halloween last year, rising to 73% of those with children aged between 6 and 12.

Senior European Retail Analyst at Mintel, John Mercer explained: "For stores, the gains go beyond a bite of the £240 million market: Halloween-themed ranges, merchandising and in-store events can have a "Santa's grotto" effect, providing shoppers with reasons to visit stores, driving footfall and encouraging impulse purchases."

The UK food and drink sector also does well during the spooky season, with the number of food and drink products launched with a mention of 'Halloween' growing by 263% between 2009 and 2013.

Food & Drink EMEA at Mintel and Research Manager Chris Brockman said: "The profile of Halloween has started to climb in the UK in recent years and Britons are increasingly embracing this occasion. Situated between the end of summer and the run-up to Christmas, Halloween offers consumers a reason to celebrate during a relative lull in the calendar year. It appears that Halloween has evolved from being a largely child-focused holiday with a focus on trick-or-treating. Adults have now adopted it as a fully-fledged excuse to throw parties and dress up in ghoulish outfits."

eBay have now also revealed that sales on their UK marketplace of Halloween decorations have topped almost 16,000 items in the build-up to October 31, just behind America's site which holds 17,600 related items.

Spokesperson Steve Heywood commented: "Brits have really got into Halloween over the last few years, and this is the first time we've seen such a close gap between US and the UK sales. It's amazing to see how people have really embraced the idea of making their own Halloween-themed goodies to add a really personal touch to the occasion."

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