If you think that you are the only one who can't seem to get a good nights sleep at the moment fear not, as a new survey has revealed that Brits are losing on average eight days worth of sleep each year.

Brits Losing Sleep

Brits Losing Sleep

On Stride Financial are behind the new survey and asked 2000 Brits what were the main worries that were keeping them awake at night - the results showed that half are losing sleep over money problems.

Those will money worries admitted that bill, mortgages, credit cards and loans were keeping them awake at night, while another 30% revealed that work concerns were preventing them from getting a good night sleep.

34% also said that family and relationships were another huge reason as to why they were kept asleep at night. There were some differences between what keep men and women awake, but money worries was the main issue for both sexes.

Financial worries, work, family welfare, snoring and outside noise were the top five reasons why most women weren't getting a good night sleep. While the top five reasons that men were struggling to sleep were financial issues, work, outside noise, debt, and relationships with a partner.

All of these worries mean that on average, the people who took this survey were getting just six hours and twenty-five minutes of sleep per night - which is thirty minutes less that what is recommended by the Sleep Foundation.

Regularly getting less than the recommended seven hours sleep means you will accrue what's known as a 'sleep debt'. The results show over one year, the average Brit is losing a shocking eight days' worth of sleep.

The survey showed that, on average, it takes most people twenty-six minutes to fall asleep. 13% of those who took the further needed forty-five minutes to finally drift off, while an unlucky 6% needed an hour to get to sleep.

74% admitted that they were starting to feel the effects of their lack at sleep at work and believe that it is having an impact on their performance in the workplace - it will come as no surprise to find that people are struggling when people are losing so much sleep on a yearly basis.

The survey also showed that people are trying to find ways to switch off their minds before going to bed, watching TV and surfing online being two of the major things that people do as they are preparing to go to bed.

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