Today I'm sad. Today I'm scared. Today I'm worried for the future of my 12-year-old sister, 6-year-old brother and 24-year-old self.

It's a worrying day for the UK

It's a worrying day for the UK

A little earlier I discovered that the majority of voters in the United Kingdom decided during our historic EU Referendum that we would be leaving the European Union. It's probably the most important decision any of us will make in our entire lives. What the future holds is uncertain. With this decision, our country has opened Pandora's Box. There's no telling what's inside - it could be full to the brim with treasures, but realistically that's not what is expected. A campaign which has been primarily based on xenophobia and blatant racism has corrupted the minds of the majority of people who can be bothered to go out and put a cross in a box. This is no 'United' Kingdom. This is no 'Great' Britain.

This has been an ugly few months of battle. BOTH the Remain and Leave campaigns are responsible for this outcome, for focusing so heavily on negativity rather than telling us the positives that each decision may have brought about.

In fact, the one and most famous positive we were told was by the Leave campaign, in that we're allegedly sending '£350 million a week to the EU, which should be spent on our NHS!' It took only a matter of hours for Nigel Farage to confirm following the result this morning that this was in fact a claim rather than a certified fact. You think Farage, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and the rest of them truly have the NHS in mind going forward? More fool you.

Those in power should be ashamed of themselves. No matter the outcome, they will continue to sit up in their ivory towers, glaring down on us, the peasants, who truly suffer from the repercussions. They've got a steady and certain future ahead whether or not they remain in their current positions. For the rest of us however it's a leap into the unknown. We could land on two feet, or go plummeting down.

It's not all doom and gloom. David Cameron is hanging up his boots. The alternatives to him however are terrifying. There's hope that this could trigger an early General Election, but don't hold your breath. The next few months and indeed, the next few years and going to be some of the most historic in British history. I'll let RuPaul finish this one.

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