Had your fill of London Cocktail Week and wondering how to get over that dreaded hangover? We’ve got five hangover busting tips to keep you feeling fresh no matter how big your night out.

1. Zing your hangover away

Grab yourself a bottle of HangZing, the UK’s first hangover supplement. It is scientifically formulated using a revolutionary blend of naturally-functional ingredients and ancient antidotes to fight the aftereffects of alcohol consumption. Containing Hovenia Dulcis, Milk Thistle, Nopal Cactus and Siberian Ginseng, this mighty little bottle will fight the aftereffects of your cocktail consumption. HangZing provides you with a natural alternative to pain killers and greasy junk food. Have a bottle just before bed with plenty of water and you’ll be good to go the next morning!

2. Sweat it out

Is there anything worse than the thought of exercising the morning after a heavy night? Actually, getting the blood pumping is a great way to help speed up that recovery. Grab a friend and sign up for a Park Run – it’s a brilliant way to get some exercise with the support of others. It’s free to take part so you have no excuse – get out there and move!

3. Netflix and (actually) chill

We are spoilt for choice at the moment with the online box set offering. Have a browse of BBC iPlayer - Bodyguard and Killing Eve are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Fancy something more light hearted? Try Lovesick on Netflix. Curl up and get stuck in to a quality series – you definitely deserve it.

4. Get some Zzz's

Power yourself with a power nap. Just thirty minutes of shut eye will help those wavering energy levels and inject some va va voom into your day. Every little helps – we find shorter power naps far more effective than long slumbers that might only make you drowsy! Lie down, set an alarm for half an hour later and shut those weary eyes.

5. Drink up

No, we don’t mean hair of the dog. A night of heavy drinking means dehydration station the next day. Staying hydrated is key to recovery so get drinking that H2O!