It's not something we can imagine reaching for in the fridges in Asda, but Josie Cunningham is steeping to a new low as she plans to sell her breast milk.

Josie Cunningham gave birth last month

Josie Cunningham gave birth last month

Just last week she ignited fury in plenty of mothers after she said that breastfeeding is 'vile and borderline incest'.

But she's not opposed to selling it to make herself some money.

Josie Cunningham is an unemployed mother-of-three and came to headlines after she proudly admitted that the she received a £4,800 breast enlargement from the NHS.

Since then she's grabbed headlines numerous times for her ignorant claims and cash-grabbing ventures, most notable selling tickets to her child's birth - a daughter she welcomed last month.

When she was questioned by her followers on Twitter last week whether or not she was breast feeding baby Grace Nieve, she replied that she found the act 'vile and borderline incest'.

However, she explained to the Sun that she plans to sell her breast milk to new mothers, and men with 'milk fetishes' instead.

She said: "My breasts are for my partner, not my child."

We can't imagine many women will be looking to pay for her breast milk though, as she smoke and drank throughout her pregnancy.

The 24 year old plans to sell milk to new mothers for £2 an ounce and £10 an ounce to men with 'milk fetishes'.

"I should be able to produce around 30ozs a day, that's up to £300 a day or £2,100 a week," she explained.

Josie Cunningham's pregnancy certainly caused a stir in the media, not only after she planned to sell tickets to the birth, but also after she announced that she would quit smoking and drinking alcohol when she learned she was having a girl.

Would you buy her breast milk for your child?

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