On Tuesday, the Mayor of London gave the go-ahead for London's new commercial cruise terminal. The proposed development at Enderby Wharf - which will also include new homes, restaurants, cafes and bars - was approved by the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Planning Board last month, but it raised concerns among residents about increased particulate and noise pollution.

Mayor Boris Johnson

Mayor Boris Johnson

However, the RBG's cabinet member for regeneration and transport Cllr Danny Thorpe told The Telegraph that the Mayor "submitted its measures to independent scrutiny and found them to be satisfactory." Wharf.co.uk reports that £400,000 has been committed towards environmental monitoring and preservation.

Mid-size ships up to 230m in length, carrying up to 1,600 passengers, will be allowed to dock at the terminal, which will accommodate 55 cruise ships annually. With the Mayor's support, the terminal is now expected to be operational by 2017.

The development will provide a substantial boost to tourism in Greenwich, which already contributes around £1.1 billion to the local economy. "This is an important step forward, not just for Greenwich, but for the capital," Cll Thorpe told The Telegraph.

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