16-year-old pupil Oscar Ward was pulled out of lessons during lunchtime on his first day back at King James's School in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and told to leave because of the style of hair he's sported since Christmas.

Oscar had to sit an exam on his own

Oscar had to sit an exam on his own

Describing himself as an "anti-conformist", Oscar was told to leave the school but was eventually allowed to stay, providing he worked in isolation, where he has even now had to sit a GCSE exam.

"I'd had four lessons that day and no teachers said anything about my hair. A lunchtime supervisor asked if any staff had spoken to me about my hair and I said "no".

"She then went and got my Head of Year. I was originally told I had to go home - but then they said I could work in isolation. That was Tuesday lunchtime. I had to stay in there every school day since.

"I've had a Mohican a while and just dyed it blonde last week. I know the school has a policy but it's really a bit vague. I'm an anti-conformist and I think we have a right to be individuals.

"Mine is blonde. A lot of girls bleach their hair - why is this any different? But then I've also been told different reasons why I am in isolation from different teachers.

"Some say it's the colour, others say the style. I'm concerned that it's now affecting my education.

"I've had to sit a GCSE exam in isolation and have been given work from lessons or told to copy out of textbooks."

The boy's father Paul Ward added: "We trhink the rules are quite vague about suitable hair styles. The thing that shocked us is the speed at which a decision was taken for him to go into isolation.

"Oscar works really hard at school and putting him in isolation isn't supporting his education."

Headteacher of the school Robert Lamb explained: "Our policy states very clearly in school diaries that hair, make-up and style should be kept conventional. It says "No unnatural colours, no hair shaved or cut into".

"The children are well aware of this rule. This pupil turned up with his hair blonde and shaved when he knew it was against the rules. No other school in the area would accept it to my knowledge. This pupil deliberately broke the rules."

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