A-list actress Ruby Rose has deleted her Twitter profile amid backlash over her casting as the first on screen lesbian Batwoman in an upcoming series on The CW. Rose shot to fame on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black in 2015; a role which landed her parts in multiple Hollywood blockbusters, including Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and John Wick: Chapter 2. Just last year Rose starred in Pitch Perfect 3, solidifying her position as a household name.

Ruby Rose truly embodies female empowerment / Photo Credit: NYKC

Ruby Rose truly embodies female empowerment / Photo Credit: NYKC

Ruby Rose describes herself as ‘gender fluid’ and following CW’s casting announcement she has faced shocking criticism, with some commentary focusing on her own sexuality. Before Ruby deleted her Twitter account in a bid to fight back against these critics, she wrote “Where on earth did ‘Ruby is not a lesbian therefore she can’t be Batwoman’ come from?”. Ruby also exclaimed “I came out at 12? And have for the past 5 years had to deal with ‘she’s too gay’. When women and minorities join forces, we are unstoppable… When we tear each other down, it’s much more hurtful than from any group. But hey, love a challenge”.

This isn’t the first time Ruby has campaigned for equality and female empowerment; when cast in Pitch Perfect 3, she said she was initially attracted to the role because it’s about female empowerment, similar to Orange Is the New Black which portrays strong female relationships. Ruby has made it abundantly clear that her priority is improving gay representation within the media, stating that if she herself had “seen more gay people [in the media], it might have been easier. Angeline Jolie was the only person I related to because” … “she came out as bisexual”.

Women in the entertainment industry are all too often villainised for sexual expression, something elite cam girl website Off the Record are fighting to change. While Ruby is ridiculed for her sexuality, the women who use OTR as a platform for cam girling are faced with frequent criticism for pursuing a less-than conventional performing career; indisputably, women should be free from criticism no matter their gender, sexual orientation or profession.

Ruby Rose refuses to conform to societal stereotypes / Photo Credit: NYPW/FAMOUS
Ruby Rose refuses to conform to societal stereotypes / Photo Credit: NYPW/FAMOUS

Amber Kelly, a cam girl for Off The Record, shares 4 things she thinks we can learn about female empowerment from Ruby Rose, having been inspired by this icon herself:

1. Labels are meaningless

Ruby certainly defies all stereotypes; she herself identifies as neither male nor female, sporting tattoos and a cropped hair style, all whilst rocketing to fame in action-based roles (plus, she nails every red carpet with a faultless glam-up). Any labels imposed on Ruby Rose are obliterated; she stands proud in her stereotype-defying presence, encouraging others to do the same.

If there’s anything to learn from Ruby Rose, it’s that labels really are meaningless; we are capable of anything and decipher our own path. Whether the label refers to your gender, sexuality or capacity for achievement, ignore this, you’re the only one in the driving seat.

2. Sometimes you’ve gotta take the bull by the horns

If you’re faced with criticism, respond in a positive way; challenge the negative comments and fight for change head-on. Ruby recently faced backlash for her casting as the first on screen lesbian Batwoman and as aforementioned, quickly took to Twitter to correct her critics without hesitation. Penning an emotional post, Rose proved that sometimes, if you hope to transform a negative response, you’ve gotta take the bull by the horns and use your knowledge to inform. Often, nastiness is simply a reflection of naivety.

Ruby stunned at The Met Gala in 2017 / Photo Credit: NYKC/FAMOUS
Ruby stunned at The Met Gala in 2017 / Photo Credit: NYKC/FAMOUS

3. You should do what makes you happy

You may find that what makes you happy doesn’t coordinate with others’ preferences or expectations, but that’s just fine. You should feel no shame in prioritising your own wellbeing and happiness; do what brings you joy, life is too short to ignore your instincts.

Ruby is open to relationships with both men and women and openly disregards societal expectations surrounding sexuality and gender. Finding her own unique bliss, her tremendous success shows that if you do what makes you happy, you’ll reap the rewards.

4. Dream big and screw anyone who tells you otherwise.

You are capable of anything you put your mind to, no dream is too big or goal too extravagant. Ruby grew up with dreams of stardom, despite the entertainment industry boasting few LGBTQ+ stars for her to idolise or draw hope from. Despite many suggesting her aspirations were unrealistic as roles for which she could audition would be limited, Ruby persisted and has exceeded all expectations (including her own!).

We can undoubtedly learn from Ruby that we are the only person in control of our destiny; if anyone tells you your dreams are unworthy, ignore them. Surround yourself with positivity and you’ll look back with fond memories, rather than regrets.


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