Try arranging some family time

Try arranging some family time

We always tell ourselves that we’re too busy to make time for our family. Whether you live away from home or you find it hard to get on with them, we need to stay in touch with our family because they will always support us through thick and thin.

Sometimes it might be a chore, but with these top tips on how to stay in touch with your family, you can maintain good relations with them in your own way.

Regular phone calls

A common way to keep in touch, especially if you live far away from your family, is to make regular phone calls to family members.

Try arranging a specific weekly time where you contact each other and catch up on your news.

Be careful to avoid asking the same questions though – family phone calls can become monotonous if you say the same things to each other every week.

Skype each other

A slightly more hi-tech way of doing things is to use Skype to contact each other. It’s completely free and easy to set up, just be prepared for the odd technical glitch along the way!

With Skype you’ll get to see as well as speak to each other, which is great if it isn’t logistical to meet up in person regularly.

Use your email

It’s easy to forget that emails are simple to send. Most people regularly check their emails, especially if they use it for work, so why not try sending some jokes or funny stories to each other?

Think how much more inviting your relatives’ inboxes will look and you’ll certainly cheer each other up.

Family time

If you’re struggling to find the time for your family, why not try arranging a specific time at the weekend to contact them?

Another way to do this is to arrange a family meet-up every year where you all sit together and have a really good catch up. Always be interested in their lives and ask them how they’re doing – it’s a great conversation starter.

See them in person

No matter how much you use technology, nothing can substitute meeting up with family in person. If you make the effort, family visits will become enjoyable rather than a chore.

Don’t wait for special occasions to bring you together. Start now and you’ll find that your family time will become more and more important to you.

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