Do a quick Google search for Sheridan Smith today (May 10). Or even take a look on Twitter to see some of the abuse she's having to sustain. Forced to make her account on the social media website private due to what can only be described as bullying by certain members of the press and general public, if indeed she is facing some major demons in her life, these sorts of attacks are only going to serve to make them worse.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

In 2016, I can't believe much of the media is still rooted in trying to tear down and belittle women... That we're still a country that adores building up a talent only to remove one of the pillars from their foundation when they're at the height of their career, see them come tumbling down and laugh at their fall. It's shameful and disheartening and I for one want to be no part of it.

Despite the attacks there are of course scores of dedicated fans jumping to Sheridan's defence and sending her well wishes through any means possible. It's great to see such an outpouring on love on social media, but as always websites such as Twitter are a double edged sword. With the good comes the bad, but some people are better equipped to deal with them than others. Trolls will always exist, but national newspapers and online outlets have no excuse. They have the power to do so much good, but instead choose to go for whatever will gain the most clicks.

It was revealed earlier this year that Sheridan's father has cancer. This is something the press have known for some time now. Knowing that and having that fact so openly available, you'd think Sheridan would be given time and space to deal with her private matters and father's health issues. Cancer is now something that affects most if not all families in some shape or form, so to see so many nipping at her heels at the first opportunity when she's going through something so heartbreaking is, to put it bluntly, disgusting.

So instead of berating, we're going to celebrate Sheridan's career to-date. One that we hope is only just getting started and will run for some time yet. Throughout her career, she's taken:

  • The award for Best Featured Actress in a Play at the BroadwayWorld UK Awards
  • An Evening Standard award for Best Actress
  • Two Laurence Olivier Awards for Best Actress in a Musical and Best Performance in a Supporting Role
  • Two Audience Awards for Best Actress in a Musical and Best Actress in a Play
  • A BAFTA TV Award for her role in Mrs Biggs
  • An NTA for Best Drama Performance in Cilla
  • A TV Choice Award, also for Best Actress in Cilla
  • A Women in Film and Television Award for Best Performance in Mrs Biggs

All of these awards were won between 2011 and today and there's been many more nominations and she's even been honoured by Prince William with an OBE.

Sheridan is a woman Britain should be proud of. Not a punching bag for unhappy journalists to lash out at to escape their own issues.

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