Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

1. Spend some quiet quality time with your baby before putting them down to bed. Singing a lullaby or reading a story with bright illustrations will be enjoyable for both. Baby will be ready to sleep through the night and wake prepared for the day ahead.

 2. During your baby’s last feed before putting them down to sleep, try splitting their feed in half and changing their nappy in the interval. While the motion of changing the nappy will pep them up a bit so they’re not fully asleep before you put them down, the second half of the feed will soothe baby again if the movement of changing the nappy was unsettling.

Plus this will ensure that baby has a fresh nappy to sleep in for 12 hours of Golden Sleep, resulting in a great morning of smiles and discoveries.

 3. If your baby wakes very early in the morning i.e. before 6:00 am and is not crying, try not to dash straight to him or her. They may well have a little chat with themselves and then go back to sleep, but if not leave your baby for 10 minutes and follow with gentle rocking to return them to the land of golden sleep .

4. As you enter your baby’s room in the morning, gently talk to them Baby won’t be able to talk back but it is the fact that you are looking at them and talking to them that they will love and will also give baby a pleasant introduction to the day.

 5. A morning cuddle is very important and is the perfect way to start the day for both baby and you, and should make it a dream morning for both.