Modern Day Families Losing Sight Of Family Values

Modern Day Families Losing Sight Of Family Values

Research out today from Paramount Home Entertainment has revealed that 73 per cent of Brits don’t think that they spend enough time with their families.

To launch the great new family DVD deal ‘Movie Feast’, Paramount Home Entertainment conducted some research into how much quality time the average British family spends together which, according to Harley Street family therapist, Stefan Walters, reveals that old fashioned family values have taken a back seat to our busy modern day schedules.

The research revealed that nearly half of parents (48 per cent) feel guilty that they don’t spend enough time with their children. Additionally, more than a quarter of parents (26 per cent) say that, when they were young, they spent more time with their parents than they now do with their own children.

It seems that the family mealtime has also taken a hit in recent years. On average, families only sit down together for an evening meal three times a week and one in 10 families (9 per cent) never eat an evening meal together.

When asked about spending quality time together, more than half of people (52 per cent) said that they feel that the best quality time they can spend with their family is at home.

Psychologist Stefan Walters, Family Therapist at the Harley Street clinic commented: "Scientists and researchers agree on the importance of ‘shared experience’ as a family, yet it has become a rarity in our hectic lives, as families today spend less time together than ever before.

"Parents work longer hours to make ends meet, while children entertain themselves with the latest computer game, social media website or smartphone app. No wonder, then, that we feel more distant and estranged from our loved ones, and out of touch with each other’s lives.

"Taking time out from their busy schedules and connect with each other can strengthen family bonds and can be as simple as enjoying a movie together at home."

The Movie Feast deal is a great and cost effective way for families to spend more time together at the end of the expensive summer holiday period - when buying one of a host of award-winning DVDs, customers get money off big name brands such as Coca-Cola, KETTLE Chips and Nestle Ice Cream.

It’s the perfect recipe for a family night in!