Peter is two-time winner of Celebrity dad of the year

Peter is two-time winner of Celebrity dad of the year

Dad-of-two and celebrity entrepreneur Peter Andre is hard at work on a number of projects. Here, he talks to us about his new clothing line, the upcoming album and a special message for the fans.

You’ve just hosted the launch of the new LeapFrog LeapPad2; tell us a little bit about why you got involved?

"I’ve been involved in the literacy campaign with Boris Johnson and the Quick Reads campaign too. For me, being a father as well and talking about my kids getting into reading because kids love computer games.

"And I’m one of these fathers where I know my kids love them so being involved with something that not only promotes the gaming but education too is something that is fitting for me. I really believe in this product. I mean Leapfrog the first time round has done so well so I can only imagine this second generation being amazing."

You’re a two-time winner of the celebrity dad of the year award – what’s the best thing for you about being a dad?

The best thing about being a dad is just living and seeing life through your kids’ eyes, it’s very different than seeing it through your own.

I’m only here because of them [my fans]. The only career I’ve got is because of people putting up with me. So thank you to everybody."

You’ve recently launched a new clothing range, The Peter Andre Collection, for men and children, what motivated you to take a step into the fashion business and did the children inspire any designs?

“I love wearing t-shirts and the styles that I’ve launched - they’re on my website - you can see that they’re exactly the types of t-shirts I wear so it’s designs that I would be comfortable in. And the shirts as well - they’re handmade Italian and slightly more expensive - but they’re really really good quality.

“I didn’t want to put any pictures of anything on the kids’ stuff, I just wanted phrases like ‘My daddy rocks’ or ‘mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all’ and  something like ‘dad give me your credit card’ - the things that we joke around about.

“So the collection is basically coming from me as opposed to you just endorsing a product.”

The new album, Angels and Demons is out in October, what can we expect from this record?

“Honestly, I aim for this to be an album that people who would never expect anything on a lyrical side to turn around and go ‘you know what this time it’s all about the music’.

“A lot of times I’ve done it mainly on marketing and things like that but this time seriously it’s all about the music and I really believe in it.

“We’ve got two massive features that the record company will announce in due time and it’s really good. It’s very personal but in a happy way now. I’ve got four sets of type of tracks, club dance, I’ve got pure r&b, there’s soul and jazz which is what I grew up on and a slight touch of modern reggae.

Going back to when you released mysterious girl – to now, the music industry has changed so much, what or who inspires you to continue making music – and how much do you still enjoy it?

Well I think what singers like Adele have done is very clever. She’s been a breakthrough really because she’s allowed people to write music that is based on the instruments and lyrics and vocals and not just something that is over produced.

Like, it’s the first time on my album I get to do a full live track called ‘Fly away’ which is a hundred per cent live and sort of quite Quincy Jones era – the stuff that I grew up loving and listening to.

And is there anyone out there right now that you’d love to duet with?

“Well there are a couple of people on the album that I’ve already done duets with but I want to wait until it comes out so you can see and hopefully you’ll love my choices.”

What’s your most memorable fashion disaster and how would you describe your style?

“My most embarrassing was probably in 1992-93 when I had plaits or dreads down to past my chest.

“My style now I think is quite on trend because I have a great stylist. She’s just really really on trend with style. I used to always wear just black and just white but she’s basically getting me into different things – like blazers and t-shirts with jeans.”

And Paddy McGuiness recently told the metro that he’d love to have you on a celebrity edition of Take Me Out – what would you say to that?

Well if Paddy’s involved in it then I’d love to be!

What’s coming up next for you after the album?

“I’ve just launched my second coffee shop in Brighton – New York Coffee Club. I’m taking the kids away to my home in Cyprus in the next few days.

“Then we’ve got Bad Boyfriend Club starting in two weeks, it’s a brand new TV show on ITV which you’ll see advertised soon and then I’ve got the tour. Busy, busy busy!”

Finally, you have a huge fan base all over the world – do you have a message for them?

“Yes, I put it on twitter last night actually. I said I know it’s a bit random – I just said honestly it means a lot to have your constant support, and it really does. I’m only here because of them. The only career I’ve got is because of people putting up with me (laughs) So thank you to everybody.

“And on my website which I’ve just re-launched, I’ve written a song just exclusively for the fans, it’s acoustically live and it’s called ‘Thank You’ and so fans can go on and click on stay connected and they will get to download it for free.”

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