We all need a giggle, now more than ever before- so we are kicking off a new series of articles that will pull together our top picks from social media and today we have chosen parenting as our topic of choice. If you have little ones, these will be all too familiar and if you don’t laugh you will cry so go ahead and let the tears roll… in a good way.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The dilemma is real people… ‘If I stay up for one more hour of American Horror Story, I am going to hate myself tomorrow’...*clicks next episode*

When they sleep is when you get to sit- so long as you know this from the off, you will be fine

And suddenly you have no comeback because you feel like the world’s biggest hypocrite 

I have clean underwear today! *winning at life*

But the problem is- they never do. Just when you think you have got away with it- they remind you who really has the upper hand 

Adult conversation is for bedtime- and not *wink, wink* ‘adult’ conversation as you knew it when you first got together- nooooooooo- I’m talking money, work and  bodily functions- you know, the really sexy stuff

Just nod and smile- offer up the same look you give your partner when they are talking about something they find interesting- you know the one I’m talking about 

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