New mum to baby Nelly, fashion entrepreneur, model, and star of hit TV series 'The Only Way is Essex', we wonder how Billie does it all?! But TOWIE favourite isn't slowing down anytime soon with the release of her new baby range 'The Signature Range By Billie Faiers'.

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Billie has teamed up with to create a set of pushchairs and chats to Female First about motherhood, being organised and her signature style.

- Hi Billie! You have released your own baby range for Where did the inspiration for your designs come from?

It's my own personal style. I think people thought I was going to go all pink but I wanted to keep it neutral. My favourite bag is my Chanel bag which is quilted and I love that look. So myself and worked together to create the designs. It's also important to me that the range is affordable as well as good quality and easy to use. Being a new mum I know what it's like getting the pram in and out of the car so I wanted to create pushchairs that were really accessible. The process was trial and error but we got there in the end and I'm really happy with the end results.

- Why did you choose to work with

They are a really good company. They have designed items for Mothercare and the pram range has been launched with Mothercare and they really listened to what I had to say and took on board all my ideas. It's great that my pram range will be represented by them and hopefully people will really like it.

- Have you tried to maintain your signature style in the designs and how would you describe it?

Yes i would say it's smart and classic. I do have my casual days which comes across in some of the pushchair buggies but the travel cot has a more luxury, Chanel feel to it. My style is expressed in the prams, I love cream, navy, beige, all neutral colours which you see across the range so I wanted to represent my own style in the range and allow it to look expensive but at a really good price.

- Why should mums buy your products?

When you're a mother you want to watch how much you're spending and I think that the range is well priced. They range from £74 to £300. They are really easy to use and you're getting great quality for the price. Mums can keep the pram for their next child as they can be used for either boy or girl with the style and colours chosen.

- You have your own clothing range 'Jam Kidswear' available at your boutique- since having a baby are you more aware of what a baby needs?

Absolutely! I bought Nelly so many lovely dresses! When they are new born you want them in cosy baby grows. You want to avoid buttons as it's really fiddily! Now Nelly's 3 months I've got her in tights and dresses. You want really comfortable and non-itchy clothing for your child.

- Will you be adding to your collection for at any point? Maybe in collaboration with Minnie's Boutique?

Yeah we're always planning for the future and they will be launching new products. We've created a Nelly changing mat which has little elephants covering it, which is really cute. So we'll be definitely adding to it at some point.

- You welcomed your daughter into the world earlier this year, congratulations! How has life changed?

It's changed massively but in a really good way! I'm still really busy working but everything is about Nelly. I love having days at home with her. I think 'what did I do with my time before?' (lauhgs) But I'm really enjoying motherhood.

- What's your secret to balancing home and work life?

I make sure I'm organised otherwise it can be very stressful. I get up an extra half an hour earlier. If I have a day full of interviews and meeting I'll make sure that I give myself enough time to get everything done. Last night I picked Nelly's outfit just so the morning runs more smoothly. Greg is really hands on too. He knows how to make the bottles and add the formula and he loves to help out. I have a routine now which is great for us all as we have certain times for things and it helps massively.

- Will we be expecting baby number 2 anytime soon?

I've definitely been thinking about it already as I don't want a big gap between Nelly and another baby. Definitely in a couple of years.

- TOWIE is set to hit our screens again- will you make an appearance from yourself or baby Nelly?

I'm still going to be in the show and you will see me more as last series I had Nelly. Nelly will be in it every now and again but she's not a new TOWIE member (laughs).

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