Babies born on this day will have unique traits that are unlike any other day in the month making your child truly unique. So if your baby is due on the 17th or they were born on this day, here is what will come of them as they get older. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Lucky gemstone: Blue Sapphire 

Lucky colours: Yellow, blue and green

Unlucky colours: Red, black and maroon 

Legacy: In ancient times, the number 17 was thought to be lucky and represent immortality- so your baby will be remembered for something great and leave a legacy for future generations. What this legacy is will still be unclear but as soon as they start to show promise in an area of their life- nurture it immediately so that they have the greatest opportunity to excel in whatever field they will be renowned for. 

Reserved: Your child will be reserved- in other words it will take them time to reveal their opinions and emotions and only really do this with the people they are closest to. They wouldn't dream of being open with strangers or people they have only just met. This means their conversational skills will be a little awkward so it will be down to you to assist when you are in company together. 

Rude: Some people will think your child is rude because of the reservedness mentioned above, so it will be your task to assure those who matter that this is not how they mean to come across but sometimes they don’t know how to act and they don’t mean to appear this way. Those who care about your child the most will be able to see past this anyway, so don’t worry about it too much.  

Tough: Your baby will be made of tough stuff and so they will be able to make it through whatever life throws at them.They will bounce back from any setbacks even if these are huge by other people’s standards. While they will be able to cope mostly with these hurdles on their own- be sure to let them know that you are always there should they need you. Whether you are strong natured or not is irrelevant- one day something might penetrate that exterior even if only slightly- so make them aware that if and when that happens- you are their constant. 

Responsible: Number 17s tend to be the people who look after all the other people in the family regardless of their age. They will make excellent brothers and sisters if you are planning on having any more children and giving friends too. Rest assured that they will take care of you anytime you need it, but let them know that it’s ok for others to take the reins when they aren’t feeling up to the task. 

Business acumen: Your baby will grow to have a solid grasp of the inner workings of business- they may even set up their own- however they will struggle to understand people who aren’t as savvy. It will be your job to help them see that not everyone excels in the same disciplines and not to criticise anyone for their lack of knowledge in an area in which they are well rehearsed. 

Large scale: Your baby will grow to be someone who isn’t phased by large scale projects and huge sums of money- in fact the bigger the number- the more they will thrive. They may fall foul of thinking they can do things better than those around them, however they will have reason to be so confident because they will be capable individuals. Be sure to remind them to respect their co-workers even if they think they are more gifted than the people they work with. Even if they are the boss- they still need respect from those around them. 

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