Pregnancy is a time of change and growth both physically, emotionally, and in household size. Ideally it's a period of joy, excitement, and preparation of oneself for the care of another. As the child to be is growing so does the mother, and with it the mothers body changes, sometimes on a weekly or as the due date drawers near, a daily basis.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Back pain is a common grievance amongst expectant mothers, but Dr Nate Bogedain DC, from ProBack is here to help.

What Causes Pregnancy Back Pain?

Taking care of your own health as a mother (and father) is critical to the health and development of the child. As a mother to be, you are your childs environment for the first part of their life. When you are relaxed calm and happy the child is relaxed calm and happy. When you experience stress, they experience stress. One common stressor during pregnancy is low back pain. This has to do with the changes encountered to accommodate a second person. As your centre of gravity shifts forward your back has more work to do to keep you upright. 

What Exercises Can I Do To Help Pregnancy Back Pain?

Body weight exercises that focus on extension, spinal hygiene, and core strength are the best.

Try the following exercises on a regular basis and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your back pain:

1. Glute bridges (hip raises)  2. Side planks - repetitions of 8 second holds 3. Dead bug cross crawl 4. Abdominal bracing while maintaining regular breathing 5. W and Y shoulder retraction

Husbands/partners should be empathetic and patient with their pregnant significant others. However, suggest performing these activities together as it is great for bonding. The occasional foot massage goes a long way as well!

How Can You Treat Pregnancy Back Pain?

When encountering back pain reaching for the pain meds and medicated patches is no longer an option as most are not safe for pregnancy. (For the best advice concerning that please speak with your GP and OBGYN). Therefore finding other alternatives becomes necessary.

Change The Intensity Of Your Schedule

If you are early days of being pregnant then strengthening your back extenders and core musculature will make you stronger for the later months. If you begin to become more exhausted as the weeks carry on towards the jubilant finish line, then doing things less intensely but at a moderate frequency will assist in maintaining the strength and stability of the spine.

Try Alternative Methods

To keep you relaxed, pregnancy and belly massages can be very beneficial in reducing the physical stress. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can also help lower physical and mental stress. 

Yoga and mindfulness both increase ones understanding and knowing of ones body. The diaphragmatic breathing during such practices have calming effects but also increase core and pelvic stability - both of which are necessary for giving birth. Yoga helps improve balance and flexibility as well.

Get Help From A Chiropractor

When the back pain is truly bad and remaining for several days on end, then seeking care from a trained chiropractor or osteopath is a safe and gentle solution to relieving your back aches and pains.

Chiropractic care is also an excellent preventative measure, ensuring a well functioning spine and nervous system which will ensure that you are able to adapt to the coming changes of pregnancy. 

Try A Supportive Pillow

Finding a comfortable position to lie down and rest can also be a struggle at times. Using supportive pillows can assist with this. There are also now several pregnancy inflatable beds on the market which allow you to lay face and belly down comfortably and safely.

Change Your Footwear

Any heeled shoe will force your body forward causing your lower back to arch, causing it more stress. Finding shoes that are comfortable, cushioned, and supportive is a better way to go. 

Dr Nate Bogedain DC, ProBack Practitioner, at the UK’s leading clinic in chiropractic care, ProBack.

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