As we all celebrate Halloween at home, there is a good chance many of us will be serving a buffet to mark the occasion. While it’s important all parents and toddlers enjoy themselves at this time, it’s vital to remember to only serve foods that are toddler friendly. Some foods aren’t toddler appropriate in their original form however these can be made safer with just a few tweaks. Here are just seven foods to be wary of:

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Grapes: If you are serving a platter of fruit so your little one gets some healthy sweet stuff as well as the not so healthy sweet stuff, remember to cut grapes long ways in half or for the really big ones- into quarters. Grapes are round and can easily get lodged in your little one’s throat so prevent this from happening by making them long and easy to chew. 

Popcorn: Shops are bound to sell a plethora of spooky snacks including popcorn this Hallween, so before you grab a bag-stop and think. Recall the difficulties you have with it when you’re eating it at home on movie night or in the cinema. It can get stuck in your teeth or in your throat as it’s a dry snack and some of the kernels don’t pop making them very hard. Opt for rice cakes instead as these will offer a crunch but are less hazardous. Many of the big baby and toddler brands sell rice cakes in a variety of flavours that will satisfy their taste buds. 

Jelly sweets: These require a lot of chewing and if your toddler gets distracted and doesn’t move it around their mouth and break it up sufficiently, it could end up getting stuck in their throat. Avoid jelly sweets and sticky sweets altogether. Oaty bars are soft and sweet so your toddler should enjoy these all the same- shop the baby and toddler aisles to find one suitable for your toddler’s age range. 

Round sweets: Sweets that are shaped like balls are a no no (especially boiled sweets) as these are the perfect shape to get lodged if they aren’t chewed and swallowed properly. Toddler biscuits and toddler pressed fruit treats are a great alternative as these are sweet but specifically designed for little mouths. Brands like Organix, Ella’s Kitchen and BEAR have some tasty options that are healthy too. 

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Chunks of meat: Consider the difficulties these pose for you. Chunky meat can be tough and chewy making it hard for an adult to eat, never mind a toddler. Shredded meat is much easier to chew for both toddlers and adults alike and looks much more effective at Halloween! 

Raw vegetables: Veggies like cucumber, carrots and apple contain a wealth of nutrients, however they also carry a risk. It’s important that your child gets plenty of vegetables, however there are ways to make them safer to eat. Take the skin off the cucumber and boil or steam carrots to soften them up. Opt for softer fruits and cut them thinly to achieve something that is more mushy in consistency than crunchy. 

Breadsticks: Breadsticks are a buffet table staple, however they are not a good option for toddlers. While they may seem like the perfect finger food, they are just the right shape to graze the roof of your little one’s mouth- instead opt for lightly toasted bread cut into small pieces or Organix Melty Veggie Sticks and always give your youngster a drink when they’re eating anything.

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