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Parents live in fear of their child being in a car collision, and with figures only raising more concern, it’s easy to understand why many parents are anxious about their teens wanting to learn how to drive.

A lack of driving experience causes new drivers to be in a car crash. One in five newly qualified drivers will crash within six months of passing their test.

Shockingly, this rises to 40 % for 17-year old males, and while only 8% of drivers are aged 17-24, they account for a third of all people killed in cars every year.

‘Young Driver’ provides driving lessons for teenagers and are celebrating the 150,000th Young Driver lesson with car partner, ŠKODA UK. The scheme, sponsored by Admiral and Goodyear, marks an important milestone as it celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Created to improve the safe motoring skills of teenagers and make them more aware of the dangers of driving, the programme focuses on getting young drivers into good habits from an early age – as early as 11.

For those who have taken a Young Driver course, the rate of accidents in the first six months after passing their test drops by more than a half, to fewer than one in ten.

Heidi Cartledge, Head of Marketing, ŠKODA UK, comments: “The ŠKODA Citigo is the perfect learner vehicle as it is economical, agile and compact, while at the same time being spacious. We’re proud to partner with Young Driver, and with its proven road safety record, we see it is an essential and extremely worthwhile initiative.”

Kim Stanton, Director for Young Driver, says: “We’re delighted to be celebrating Young Driver’s 150,000th lesson with the support of ŠKODA UK and look forward to developing our ongoing partnership. The ŠKODA Citigo is not only ideal in size, but it’s also stylish, which is a big draw for our young drivers.”

Young Driver has 33 specially designed training facilities across the country, complete with road signs, traffic lights, roundabouts and junctions, created to simulate a ‘real road’ experience, and lessons are delivered by fully qualified driving instructors, specifically trained to teach under 17s.

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