More and more parents are choosing to supplement their children’s schooling with extra tuition and this is only expected to increase in 2013.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

However, extra tuition doesn’t need to cost a fortune.  While one-to-one tuition can be perceived as the most expensive choice, there are more affordable options available in the form of group, classroom-based tuition. 

Explore Learning, for example, has seen a 25 per cent increase in children attending their 76 centres year-on-year and are soon to hit the 20,000 children attendance mark. 

This is set to continue booming as Explore Learning offer parents two weeks free tuition for their children when they join anytime in February.

Carey Ann Dodah, Head of Curriculum Development at Explore Learning says: “The key thing about Explore Learning is that we encourage children to have fun while learning. 

“Parents want to give their children the best education possible and by supplementing their schoolwork with extra tuition they can do so without breaking the bank.”

One parent who has been overwhelmed by the positive impact that extra tuition has had on her child is Alex Ryan from South Buckinghamshire. 

Her eight-year-old daughter, Isabelle, was finding things harder to learn at school. She was provided with an individual education plan by her school and was encouraged to support her development with extra help at home.

Alex says: “Isabelle’s special needs meant that we all had to work a bit harder at home.  We did our best but it led to a few frustrations as she was finding it very difficult to study. 

“I just wanted to help her but didn’t know how, so when I heard about Explore Learning through a couple of her friends’ parents, it sounded like a good option.

“We went along to the centre in High Wycombe and I was really impressed with the high tech facilities they have and the enthusiasm of the tutors.  Luckily Isabelle had a few friends there already so she easily settled in fast and I saw a difference in her within weeks.”

Alex now takes Isabelle twice a week - once after school and once on a Sunday morning. The sessions last an hour and a quarter and as the centres are centrally located, she uses the time to do a food shop or run a few errands in town.

Alex believes that one of the best things about Explore Learning is the tutors. She says: “Isabelle absolutely loves going mainly because the tutors are so good. They’re really patient and they build up such a relationship with her that she can’t wait to see them, tell them all about her weekend or whatever she’s been up to - they’ve really become like an extended part of the family.”

Each session at Explore Learning is tailored to a child’s needs and Explore tutors work with children in a very low ratio (the maximum ratio is 1:6), ensuring the right balance between individual support and independent learning.

Isabelle’s English and maths have improved significantly over the past 12 months since she has been going to Explore Learning and she is now doing much better at school.

Alex is always aware of her progress as she has regular reviews with the tutors every six weeks when they sit down and talk through how she’s doing. 

Alex adds: “I remember what she was like when she first started at Explore - she was falling behind, lacking in confidence and really didn’t like participating in group discussions. 

“Now, she’s so enthusiastic, enjoys speaking up in class and, most importantly, is much happier.”

Standard membership for two sessions a week in English and maths costs between £98 and £109 per month (depending on location).  Many families can receive discounts if they are eligible for Childcare Vouchers, Working Tax Credit or Income Support - or have more than one child attending.

Throughout February, Explore Learning are offering parents two weeks free tuition when you join.  To find out where your nearest centre is visit

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