Love is in the air – damn! It’s being thrown in your face all too often! But this year, instead of hiding away like usual, you want to own it!

Love yourself! Photo credit: Unsplash
Love yourself! Photo credit: Unsplash

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love. Hello to a little self-love – which is often forgotten about particularly when raising kids solo.

We find that looking after ‘us’ is put on the back burner and we can quite easily fall into a rut.

Well it’s time to hang up the dressing gown (only for a short while) and make yourself a priority.


Pamper Day

You may not have a date in the pipeline but who’s to say you can’t be looking glam? Book yourself the long-awaited nail appointment or a trip to the hairdressers that you keep putting off! This may feel a little alien at first and you could start to talk yourself out of it but making that small time for yourself will leave you feeling like ‘you’ again and will give you the boost of confidence that you may have lost.

Meal for two?

You see all the lovebirds out for a romantic meal, the usual take on V day, but why can’t you have a taste of the fine dining experience? If you compare yourself to Gordan Ramsey, dust off the expensive pan set you’ve promised yourself you will use daily (that never happened!), put on your apron and make a storm in the kitchen! But if you’d rather hang the oven gloves up – when the little ones are tucked up in bed – treat yourself to your favourite takeaway. What’s better is you won’t need to share it with your spouse! That’s a win, win if you ask me!

Will you be my Galentine?

It may be harder to catch up with friends these days but let’s be honest; how good do you feel after a day/night with your besties? Laughter is the best medicine, so why not book a cocktail night with the girls? Galentine’s day is celebrated on the 13th February so you don’t even need to bump into the lovers of valentines day. In need of kid friendly arrangements? Plan a coffee play date – let the kids have fun whilst you and your girlfriend catch up over a mocha.

Take the plunge – try dating apps!

If you were hoping to have a valentine this year and have been contemplating getting back on the market – it’s never too late. Why not try dating apps? I know it may seem very daunting at first, but not only is it a convenient way to meet people (practically at your fingertips!) but it is on your terms. You choose who you talk to and what you want – no pressure, just you doing you.

Always remember to stay safe on dating apps.

Movie night

There are a million and one romance films for you to choose from but maybe you’re kinda’ over it? Instead, you and the kids can have a duvet day watching all your favourite films– I mean, who doesn’t love a cosey day?! Get all the snacks – valentine’s day themed at your discretion! – wack on the pjs and enjoy all the cuddles with your babies. After all, they are your first love.

Do valentine's day like a pro! Photo credit: Unsplash
Do valentine's day like a pro! Photo credit: Unsplash

Written by Laura, who you can follow on Twitter at @LauraJadeC20

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