Summer has arrived at long last! The smell of BBQ’s fill out the air, blue and cloudless skies greet us in the mornings and the sound of laughter flows through the outdoors. But the summer months welcomes the heatwave and if you’re pregnant, the novelty of summer soon wears off.

'Feeling hot, hot, hot!' - Photocredit: Pixabay

'Feeling hot, hot, hot!' - Photocredit: Pixabay

Suddenly, all the things you enjoyed about summer, fast become chore like duties and less entertaining. I mean, who can blame you! Being pregnant can be hard at the best of times - add in the strenuous heat amongst everything else - you find yourself wishing for the cooler days.

It can also cause concern amongst mums-to-be as we start to worry about the impact the heat is having on our baby and our body.

Here are some tried and tested tips to help survive summer whilst you’ve got a bun in the oven (see, you’re well and truly cooking!)


Stay Hydrated

Okay, this one sounds obvious, but it is also the one that will help the most! You naturally need more fluid during pregnancy, regardless of a heatwave. If you add higher temperatures into the mix then you need to balance that out with extra fluids. If you struggle to drink a lot regularly then it may be worth investing in a new water bottle, this way, you will always have a drink at hand and can monitor how much you are drinking throughout the day. Why not get your freezer stocked full of ice lollies or even plenty ice cream too – perfect for cravings and getting your fluid intake up – I’d say it’s a win, win!

Pool days

Swimming pools are perfect for the soaring temperatures – you can go for a little dip or even have it at the ready to place your feet into. It’s a great opportunity to put your feet up but also time to bond with your baby as you have some well-earned rest kicking back.

Be Prepared

Did someone say shopping trip? Like we need an excuse! But having all the necessities for a heatwave will go a long way. A hat and sunglasses will give you summer sass and protect you from the heat. As well as those must haves, you can’t go wrong with investing in a good quality fan. Even a handheld fan to take the edge off will make all the difference. Don’t forget the sun cream! A high factor lotion will suit but always read the label before purchase.

Avoid direct sunlight during peak times

Another way to beat the heat is to stay in the shade, particularly when the sun is at it’s strongest during the day. Unnecessary sweating doesn’t sound appealing, let’s be honest, so choosing shaded areas and dodging the sun mid-afternoon will help to keep your body temperature down and leave you feeling more comfortable.

Limit your activity

Yes, it’s important to stay as healthy as possible when pregnant but with increasing temperatures, it’s even more important to limit the intensity of exercises or day-to-day tasks. Not that we need any excuses but take time to rest and make the most of having some you time. After all, you need to look after you and baby and if that means taking time out then what more can you ask for?!

Speak to your midwife

If you do have any worries or concerns about the heat and how it is affecting your baby or any other issues you have, always reach out to your midwife. They should always be willing to help put your mind at rest.

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