Jasmine Birtles
Jasmine Birtles

Following the success of Pampers' first ever online-only Wonder Weekend earlier this year, Pampers are offering more amazing savings, only this time you can enjoy a whole week of wonderful deals! They're working with financier extraordinaire Jasmine Birtles, who's passionate about simple ways to save pounds - to help you make the most of retailer deals, and know when to splash and when to save.

Jasmine is an internationally recognised finance expert, financial and business commentator, journalist, TV and radio presenter. As well as being a familiar voice on radio and television, she's an expert in all money matters; her mission is to de-mystify money by giving practical advice.

This year Jasmine's working with Pampers to spread the word about their Wonder Week of deals - from October 1st - October 7th Pampers will be working with selected online retailers across the UK to give you a week of amazing deals, helping your little one sleep soundly, and wake up giggling!

Jasmine's top tips:

  1. Buying in bulk might seem like a big investment up front, but making a larger one-off payment can reap big rewards over time
  2. The best bulk deals can often be found online & can make shopping a lot easier! Spend time finding the best online deals and then relax whilst your bulk order gets delivered direct to your door
  3. Did you know you can get big discounts bulk-buying nappies and wipes? Several supermarkets have offers on Pampers nappies and wipes if you bulk-buy right now. Find out more at http://www.pamperswonderweek.co.uk
  4. When it's gone it's gone with most special offers in supermarkets, so keep an eye out for these deals - purchase things like extra bedding for a cot gifts for friends little ones, or anything else and store them for later
  5. Try and avoid buying products in bulk you haven't used before; stick to tried and tested products for your family like Pampers and Fairy!

We all know how time-consuming looking for the best offers online can be - time you'd rather spend having fun with your little one. That's why Pampers have teamed up with key UK retailers and to give you one website to shop all the fantastic deals on the whole Pampers range. Stocking up on nappies rather than buying as and when saves time and money, especially when home delivery is included. Simply add product to your online basket, checkout and await delivery directly to your door - completely hassle free!

Whether its teething, wind, or just excitement that's disrupting those 12 golden hours of sleep, every parent has their own tried and tested tricks to help encourage a restful slumber, but something that might get overlooked is a reliable, comfortable and absorbent nappy. Pampers Wonder Week will see amazing offers on the Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit Nappies, Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies, Pampers New Baby Nappies, Pampers Sensitive Wipes and NEW Pampers Baby Dry Pants, so your little one will have all they need to sleep through the night and wake up for a day of boundless play, every day!

Pampers Wonder Week has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible; simply do your weekly shop online and enjoy the convenience of having all your favourite nappies and wipes delivered to your door - freeing up as much time as possible for you and baby. Simply visit the Wonder Week website at www.pamperswonderweek.co.uk, choose your preferred retailer from the list available, pick your product deal and click through to their site to purchase.

Wonder Week's amazing savings also include Fairy Non Bio, so you can experience great value as well as great cleaning power on your baby's laundry. Dermatologically tested and voted #1 laundry brand for sensitive skin, you can trust that Fairy won't irritate your little ones, so you won't have to spend extra money re-washing their clothes in the event of an allergic reaction. Buying larger packs when these great deals are available will save money in the long run too!

All of the product offers & pricing are at the sole discretion of the retailer, but you'll be able to make the most of offers like the below:

  • Amazon Up to 50% off your first pack when you subscribe and save**
  • Asda Pampers Baby Dry giga packs are 3 for £39*
  • New Pampers Baby-Dry Pants jumbo packs are 2 for £18*
  • Boots Buy 5 essential packs of Baby Dry or Active Fit for £30*
  • Pampers New Baby jumbo packs are 2 for £14.50*
  • Ocado Buy 6 essential packs of Active Fit or Baby Dry and get 3 free*
  • Pampers New Baby jumbo packs are 2 for £14*
  • Morrisons Buy 10 Baby Dry essential packs & save £25*
  • Buy 8 Active Fit large packs and save £30*
  • Buy 2 essential packs of New Baby-Dry Pants for £12*
  • Tesco Spend £50 on Pampers nappies & wipes & get £10 off your shop*
  • New Pampers Baby-Dry Pants essential packs are £6*
  • Waitrose Buy 5 carry packs of Active Fit or Baby Dry for £15 and save £10*
  • Half Price Fairy Non Bio*

Promo Disclaimers:

*All pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer

**Amazon offer: 30% discount off 1st pack, 20% off all packs as part of family, only available for prime members, additional 30% only for new subscriptions and only off 1st pack.

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