Baby showers are a big business now and it can be tricky to know what to get if you don’t know the mum all that well or you’re not up to speed with what they have already bought for their little one. If you know that the mother having a baby shower is already a minimalist or you’re aware that there are a lot of people going and she will be showered with loads of gifts as it is, you may want to get something more minimalist. So if you are looking for a present that will benefit both her and her new baby that's not a physical item, here are our top suggestions:

Jacob Lund / Alamy Stock Photo

Jacob Lund / Alamy Stock Photo

Money: While some people would argue this is a thoughtless gift, it means that the mother won’t double up on anything and can buy something for her baby that no one else has. While people try to be imaginative, there can be a lot of overlaps at baby showers so mum can either put the money away for the baby, buy him or her something that’s been missed or put it towards a larger ticket item. 

Gift voucher: Babies are expensive, so a voucher to somewhere you know mum already shops at or inevitably will need to, will always come in welcome for formula, nappies, wipes, nappy cream, baby food when their little one starts weaning or baby vests and grows in the next size up. You name it- the baby will need something new and a voucher will lessen the expense on one of mum’s shops when finances will likely be tight. 

Baby classes: Depending on your budget, if you know that the mum will be unable to afford messy play, baby sensory, swimming or baby massage sessions, you could book them a place just after the baby is due and pay for some bulk sessions in advance. This will give them an excuse to get out of the house to meet other mums and babies and they won’t have the worry of how much it’s costing them. 

National Trust Membership: This costs relatively little per month or can be bought on an annual basis if the budget will stretch (this might be one for the grandparents) and gives mum and baby a reason to get some well needed fresh air in one of the pram friendly, beautiful gardens in and around where they live. Plus most of the locations have a cafe or restaurant which is the ideal pitstop for mum to grab a cup of coffee and a piece of cake as well as a place to feed her baba. 

Handmade vouchers: One of the best gifts I got from my university friends was a book of vouchers to use after my baby arrived for things like lunch made by them at home, babysitting on a mutually suitable date, a meal out paid by them, a load of laundry- that sort of thing. Events to look forward to, or jobs that can be overlooked and I could cash them in when I felt I needed it most. Maternity leave can be very isolating and tiring so the offer of a friend to watch the baby while mum sleeps or some company is one of the kindest gestures you can make to a new mother. 

Photo shoot: This type of gift can be pricey, but if you do your research there are some budget friendly options out there where the photographer will only edit a handful and give parents the raw images of the rest. It’s always something mums mean to book in but looking after a baby is a big distraction when planning things in the diary. This will take the pressure of the cost away from them and give them something to pencil in and look forward to. 

Cafe/Restaurant voucher: This could be gifted with the intent of going with the new mother for a catch up and to meet their little bundle of joy when they arrive. Or, so mum, her partner and baby can enjoy a meal out together once the first few exhausting weeks are out of the way and they feel like venturing outside again. 

So there we have it, I hope we have given you some options to think about that aren’t the usual go-tos and have accounted for budgets at both ends of the scale. Whichever one you choose, you know that it will be bought with the best of intentions and there’s a minimal amount of items to take home afterwards!

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